Tuesday, January 8, 2013

September - October 2012

At night worked on the prints and during the day work continued on making the cottage studio more work friendly.

New front deck on the art studio. Had spare wood and 1/2 day so... air nailers are the BEST!

Then after that I started work on some new recycled "Guy Stuff" trophies. Since I was re-reading "Moby Dick" for the fifth or so time, all that white sheet metal from my neighbors Sears shed was calling me.

Using some old boat seat backs from the dump, I cut out a right and left "Moby Dick".

Cut the scrap metal out to cover the wood form.

 Cutting and hammering.

 Detail of the mouth and how the metal was attached to the wood blank.

 Right Moby.
 Both Moby's hung on the studio.

You may notice that the solid wood door on the studio has been replaced with a glass one that I also found in the dump. Since the dump is nearby all the neighbors go shopping at the dump using ATV's. I had to call in some help to get this door back. It was really heavy.

So with the Moby's done I decided it was time to work on getting some more light into the studio. Out came the Saw's all and instant hole in the wall.

Then using glass that I saved from old wall of the cottage from the renovations, I made a frame and added it to the studio.

Then it was time to move things around on the inside of the studio to make it easier to work. 

My drawing table on the left folds down against the wall and leaves tons of room for painting etc.. Added new working space on the right and more shelf's for all the junk that I seem to collect.