Tuesday, January 8, 2013

November - December 2012

Well the  RoCo 2012 Members show required that I submit some new work so started to think about doing kinetic art that you can hang on the wall. Wanted to do some wooded gear work so this was number one on my list.

Only problem was that there was only one week to get it done. Yikes!

So I purchased a gear drawing program from http://woodgears.ca and using the idea that money makes the world go around (Thank you Cabaret and Joel Gray!) the brain started to work.

First idea only used a few gears and I wanted more action so this idea of using the seven deadly sins came to mind.

Just having text and letters did not seem too interesting. But! The elections were going on here in the US so.... my brain just took off.

 Here was the first idea laid out in the max size of 36 x 36 inch space.

 Well I then cut out the gears and started to put the back board together so that everything would have something to spin on.

Its all together and here is what it looks like in action.

So some more thought and I came up with the idea of using the Republican Party members for fun. (Some others did not see this as funny BTW.)

And now a video of the whole thing in action. BTW I had to rework things a bit before I hung it at the show to make it all work right. Felt like Turner, he used to still be working on his painting the day of the show as it hung on the wall.