Monday, February 13, 2012

Award! Traffic Control Box project

Got an email today that says "Congratulations on having your robot artwork chosen for one of the Neighborhood of the Arts traffic control boxes and iris artwork chosen one of the green Neighborhood of the Arts utility boxes. You have been chosen to do robot artwork and painting on the GleasonWorks traffic control box and yellow/red/ multicolor tropical flower artwork painting on the 1033 University utility box. "

Yeee Haa!

What a month! Next ... the Louvre! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And ... now an update on the Kitchen Renovation.

Here is where we are after day one of Kitchen Cabinets going in.

Day One after 3 hours the uppers are in with trim work to be done

The pantry cabs are in and I was quick to get the new microwave back in action

Half Bath redone and working again

End of the second day the base cabs are in and now to wait till tomorrow
All in and semi back in use. Microwave in its spot and dishwasher pushed in out of the way

Different view.

Tom Otterness "Shot Tom Film"

Tom Otterness "Shot Tom Film"

So I finished my Kinetic Sculpture piece where you turn the crank and a dog stands up, raises a front leg with a gun it it, shoots a carved Tom Otterness with a bang. Then the Tom Otterness figure then collapses. As you continue to turn the crank it all goes back to the setup and then repeats.

BTW Please note the RED Dot... I SOLD IT! My first in a LONG time.

Here is a video of the mechanics of how the sculpture works.

I hand made the gears out of wood, the rest was not to hard but getting it all to work without binding etc. was hard. I also had to replace the lever that puts the tension on the strings that pulls the Tom O figure up with a longer one for more leverage. 

An then I added a turnbuckle to add more tension to the nylon string when it starts to stretch. Much learned on this one.