Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tom Otterness "Shot Tom Film"

Tom Otterness "Shot Tom Film"

So I finished my Kinetic Sculpture piece where you turn the crank and a dog stands up, raises a front leg with a gun it it, shoots a carved Tom Otterness with a bang. Then the Tom Otterness figure then collapses. As you continue to turn the crank it all goes back to the setup and then repeats.

BTW Please note the RED Dot... I SOLD IT! My first in a LONG time.

Here is a video of the mechanics of how the sculpture works.

I hand made the gears out of wood, the rest was not to hard but getting it all to work without binding etc. was hard. I also had to replace the lever that puts the tension on the strings that pulls the Tom O figure up with a longer one for more leverage. 

An then I added a turnbuckle to add more tension to the nylon string when it starts to stretch. Much learned on this one.