Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First out door show with my new tent.

I've never done one of these shows so I picked a local one that would allow me to have two weekends so that I can practice my tenting skills.

So I purchased a used tent from an oil landscape artist that was giving up doing art shows since her new day job is taking up all her time. It didn't come with display walls so I had to figure out how to do that with out spending a ton of money. So I read on one of the artist forums that you can buy these plastic mesh tarps and use them instead of getting the mesh walls from the other tent manufactures. So I found 6" x 10' white mesh tarps for $32.00 each. So I bought three of them from here:


Then needing something to attach the bottom of the mesh to I went to the electrical section of  Home Depot and being an ex electrician, purchased 3 10 foot 1/2 inch medal conduit and 6 hanging brackets. Self tapping screws and a drill and I got something at the bottom to bungee the tarp too.

So for about $150 I have three nice mesh panels and they are much thicker than the Flourish ones and do not move about at all in the wind. The Flourish ones run about $695.


My Mesh walls


Now how to get the tent to the site without a big SUV or trailer? Why use my trusty Kayak roof racks!!

Then after a bit of mucking about on Friday and Saturday I was ready for the Non-Art crowd.

It was really just a craft and low end art, except for the woman next to me that was doing sculptures and drawings.