Friday, December 30, 2011

Industrial accidents happen anywhere.

Its a good thing that I didn't sell any of my Spinning Rudolf the reds. Look what happened to someone that got one. They have some concerns about the potentially dangerous moving parts and sure enough, they found a warning on Judy Braiman Lipson's web site about being careful with industrial themed toys. There was a video about the very same toy! They sent this to me. I must do an instant recall on those that I gave away!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Had a very nice Xmas

I made 8 of these pull toy back in the 80's to give as gifts at Xmas. Most folks tucked them away and did not let their children play with them. At the family gathering this last week I let my niece's young boy play with mine. What a joy to see him run all over the house with it. All the kids played with it and had fun.

You pull the toy and the pig goes up and down thus making the boy hanging on the pig's tail rock back and forth.

Here is the video.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Traffic Control Box project

Update on the Public Commission to decorate Traffic control boxes on University Ave. here in the city of Rochester NY. Here is a redo of the one across from Gleason Works. 
Robot Box - Street side

Robot Box - Sidewalk side
Then the next big Traffic Control Box is in a tough spot - busy intersection and next to a bank. So here is what I presented.

Aquarium  Box - Street side

Aquarium Box - Sidewalk side
There are also two Cable TV boxes that they would like to have prettied up. Since these two boxes are in a residential setting I think that it would be best to give them a front yard garden look. 

So here are my ideas for them. 

Blue Iris Box - Sidewalk side

Blue Iris Box - Street side
Yellow Iris Box - Sidewalk side

Yellow Iris Box - Street side

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Current Project

Working on a Public Commission to decorate Traffic control boxes on University Ave. here in the city. Here is my first idea for the one across from Gleason Works. Gleason Works is a Rochester institution started  in 1865, William Gleason began his own machine shop down town and as it grew he moved to to its current location. Gleason Works creates machines and tooling for bevel gears for all uses and needs.

So I have to have something mechanical and some what humorous to off set the classic design of the building and the beautiful bus stop that shows off the glass art that was designed by Nancy Gong.

Bus shelter with glass by Nancy Gong

This is what I'm thinking of so far.

Robot Traffic Controller Box 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"There was a crooked Banker", part "trois".

All finished! And now the trailer for the movie.

There was a crooked banker, video for your pleasure.

Now we wait for the Academy to recognize my  film genius!!!