Thursday, December 22, 2011

Traffic Control Box project

Update on the Public Commission to decorate Traffic control boxes on University Ave. here in the city of Rochester NY. Here is a redo of the one across from Gleason Works. 
Robot Box - Street side

Robot Box - Sidewalk side
Then the next big Traffic Control Box is in a tough spot - busy intersection and next to a bank. So here is what I presented.

Aquarium  Box - Street side

Aquarium Box - Sidewalk side
There are also two Cable TV boxes that they would like to have prettied up. Since these two boxes are in a residential setting I think that it would be best to give them a front yard garden look. 

So here are my ideas for them. 

Blue Iris Box - Sidewalk side

Blue Iris Box - Street side
Yellow Iris Box - Sidewalk side

Yellow Iris Box - Street side