Monday, September 23, 2013

My first art show!

Well I signed up for an art show in Rochester at the Public Market called the "Artist Row". I had no booth no frames and to honest only a few prints run off. So I had a week and a half to get it all together. 

I used 2x3x8' and PVC pipe to make the structure of the walls and my lovey wife sewed up the cheapish canvas drop cloths into panels with loops for the PVC pipe. Boy did it come out looking good. I then made a quick flip display out of some left over scrap wood and we were ready. 

Home made display booth
Here it is set up at the show!

I had to cut off 10 inches at the back to get it to fit. Also had to trim one of the legs by the steel pole on the right but thank goodness for bungies! 

Here is all the framed artwork that I hung in the booth.

Now I'm ready for any indoor show!