Tuesday, January 8, 2013

August - September 2012

Well after moving the studio I started on doing some "beer cap" art. Here is the first attempt, "Beer Fish".

Since I do all my woodworking projects out in the yard, and it rained for 3 days and I could not work outside. Having been driven nuts by reading books all the time, I decided to put an outside work area off the back of the studio. That way I can do woodwork and not get wet or broil in the hot sun. Also needed a place to park all my tools and in a couple of days....

Lean to off the back of the studio and now I have an outside work shop.

To celebrate  I decided that the cottage needed some stuffed fish/animals etc. but I did not want to go through all the bother, so my recycled "Guy Stuff" trophies came into being.

First up is a 39 inch Northern Beer Pike.

 Cut out the main part from some found old wood.

 Got some sheet metal from my neighbor that was tossing an old Sears tool shed.

 Teeth are galvanized roofing nails cut down.

 My neighbors helped me by collecting more beer bottle caps. I flattened them out since this make them more like scales. (learned from the first beer fish project.)
Pike is almost done.

Hanging the cottage wall. Guy Stuff!

In the mean time since we had no visitors and the neighborhood was quiet, this left me with time on my hands after dinner. So I decided to play with printing again. Started with some simple wood block prints with cheap plywood.

Two plates and three colors "Mushrooms"

Getting ambitious I stared another one.

 "Heading Home"

Doing these two projects taught me a lot about the tools that I was using, not very good, and relearning how to hand print with multiple plates and colors.