Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yet another digression, if you don't mind.

Well I did the New Years Painting Marathon last night and pictures will follow but first you should know that I will be remodeling our laundry room, main floor hallway, ground floor half bath and.... (wait for it..) the KITCHEN.

So I will be quite busy for the next month, and will work in art projects on the fly when I have time. So here is the start of the Big Show as Ed would say.

Laundry room, closet and kitchen hallway to the garage floor all ripped out. Tile in hallway busted out and lino floor in closet and laundry room taken out and all substrate removed down to the sub-flooring. Ya! Only took all morning.

Now..... here is a pic of the new sub-strait going down with lots of screws! I had to redo the sub-flooring with screws also since it was only held down in 78 with regular old nails. Used new screws on the sub-floor and all the squeaks are now gone!


Cement board all down on floor, cheesy Closet maid wire shelf's all down and holes in wall filled with second coat of mud. Washer and Drier put back in and laundry day commenced and finished.

Redid the garage so that I could have more room for tools and stuff. Man it was cold out there.

Garage workshop
Starting to tile the hallway from kitchen to garage. Love laser guides for tiling.

Hallway Done

Starting laundry room

Laundry room done
Closet done.
And I bet you were wondering where the washer and drier went while all this was going on?
Not too far!