Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Painting Marathon @ Shoe Factory Art Co-Op Pictures

Well the Painting Marathon was a big success. Lots of people showed up, we all had a lot of laughs and met new people.

I was wore out at the end of the evening and could not wait to get home for a nice Vodka Gimlet.

Here are some pics!

Finished my 4.5 X 3 foot stretcher for my painting to be done on Friday. Now off to stretch the canvas and gesso baby gesso!

This is the flower I'm going to be painting tonight. 3 X 4.5 feet in three hours.. Got'a paint real fast!!!

The Start at 5:45 PM

6:30 PM

8:15 PM
9:15 PM
But... still not done!
Hard at work.