Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is the path to becoming a well known artist?

Popescu Feldberg Imola  says

"Becoming known has nothing to do with what you choose as your topics or style. It has everything to do with a good marketing and making contacts with the relevant people, shortly to have the mindset of a business person. 
Unfortunately most of the artists do not have that kind of personality and they are mainly concerned with doing their art. There is no such thing like making what many people would be drawn to. That is not art anymore and we were here talking about art that is good and artists who are talented. In this category artists simply do what they feel compelled to do, by their own imagination and personality. 
The question was how to make talented artists' brilliant works sell, not how to make "paintings" in conformity with people's taste. 

Answer: By smart marketing. Look at art as a business.As an artist, face the reality and do your second set of homework: learn marketing, learn internet marketing, learn PR, learn computers, learn how to do your own website, how to promote it, how to blog and write, self promotion tricks, go to galleries, be nice, be charming, be active socially, smile a lot, meet people, invite people, talk to people, like people, make them like you and all of this time don't forget to keep up the good paintingBecause one thing is sure: with a smart marketing, even the brilliant and good art will also sell! It might take some good years though, but it is possible."