Friday, October 21, 2011

What do you do with a birch tree that has to get cut down?

So we had to cut down some of our clump Birch trees. They were overhanging the new addition and made me nervous. So I used some of the wood for the legs of the new harvest dinning table. The rest became firewood after I stripped the bark off of them. I had some large pieces that I'm using to make a birch bark moosehead sculpture for the wall of the cottage. In the process I ended up with a bunch of little scraps. So I had a goose decoy that my neighbor gave me that he did not want, that I fashioned into a loon with a new head etc.
Old head with new head that I carved
 So I ended up with a nice base to start to create a sculpture of Loon. Got out the glue gun and got to work. It was fun to work with a new material.

Here are the finished products.

First Loon that I did

Second Loon.
 I will put these up for sale at the