Saturday, October 29, 2011

So explain your "Crucifiction On Wall Street" painting.

I'm trying to show what Wall Street has done to our economy and everyone in the world that has worked hard and watched a minority of others gain over 200% in wealth from those that got nothing or little at all. 

My daughter was screwed over by a bank due to an over draft and even when the issue was explained and fixed they still black balled her from getting a bank account anywhere else. Why? So they could make even more money off of her for overdraft insurance that they could still charge her because she could not move to any other bank. I would call that extortion if anyone else did this.

My son should have gone to the local loan shark for money to go to collage. The interest that they charge for private school loans  is insane. The fact that they can add your interest payment for the month to the principle (if you don't pay it) and then charge you interest on that amount again next month makes me wish that the mafia would come back. They at least were upfront about it.