Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy One Year Blogging Today.

Its been one year since I have started this blog. Lots of things have changed and some have not. So this year I need to work on those things that have not changed. Need to push myself more. Nuff said. Lets move on.

Well, I missed the dead line for the The Shoe Factory Art Co-op, "June Art Exhibit; "Earthly Delights: The Art of the Garden". Seems that the weather, working at the cabin and other things seem to have taken its toll and I just could not get the energy to get going. Cold, dark and rainy days are just not my thing. So now that the sun is out and the temps are up.... I have my energy back.

So now to pick up where I left off.

I had taken some reference pics of flowers that I just did not feel good about. So with the Iris's coming back on the upper deck patio I think I have found what I'm looking for.

Here is my ref photo after some resizing etc.

Here is the start of the painting after I have blocked it up and thrown some color on it.

Iris - 3 x 3 feet - Acrylic on linen

A few interruptions to my work day but still making progress.

Iris Stage 2 - 3 x 3 feet - Acrylic on linen

more fiddling with shading and details, happy with it so far.

Iris Stage 3 - 3 x 3 feet - Acrylic on linen