Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hands are much better.

OK worked on my truck yesterday and replaced the ABS Tone rings. (don't ask) Found out something new for me, 220 Ft Lbs on a Torque Wrench is most of my body weight and half a big grunt. Truck will now pass inspection. :)

Hands felt really good yesterday while wrenching the truck so went to bed a little nervous but woke up with hands a little stiff but ready to rock and roll. Sitting around not drawing or painting has been driving me nuts, so today will be a day of art and relief.

Today, back to painting. Iced hands every hour and ibuprofen since Thursday and no more trigger finger and hands are much better. So... off we go

BTW have been invited to the Shoe Factory Art Co-op ( ) for a meeting tonight on joining as a Stakeholder for a new venture there. Beth Brown, Director, has found more space for a permanent gallery for local emerging artists. So we help pay rent, volunteer time, show off and sell our art. Best of all we get to have monthly meetings where artists will have a supportive network of other creative minded members to network, brainstorm, and help guide the policies and direction of the "House Artist" gallery. 

Love it!! So I'm in on this with both feet. Its hard sitting in the studio for months at a time with out some one to bounce ideas off of. Well my dog Boo has helped but he always agrees with me.

More later and everyone have a great day making stuff!

Hmmm Next painting?