Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where the heck have you been? Part Duh!

Other than ranting and raving about the business of art, I have been working on three projects that required me to work with my niece, cameras and other items to get some background reference photos.

There are two shows at "The Shoe Factory Art Co-op" that I'm working on that required some background work. The first is the June Art Exhibit; "Earthly Delights: The Art of the Garden". Got some photos that I have now that I need to use to create my compositions.

Second show is in August where the subject is "6 x 6 FEET: Extra Large Art". Go big or go home! So I have enlisted my niece Caitlin to help out with what I want to do. This took about 4 days to pull together and get some good photos. Had to resort to begging for some one with a really good camera to come and help. Thanks to Ben Ferro for the nice fast Cannon camera. (Got to get me one of those ASAP). BTW I love to use Photoshop, makes doing comps and color ideas real quick and easy.

Third project I have been thinking of doing is the "Three Graces" but doing the opposite. So the three Graces are to represent Joy, Charm and Beauty. Some say that they should be Creativity, Splendor and Mirth, but I digress.

So instead of Joy, I will try and get Sadness, sorrow, unhappiness etc. Once again my niece "rubber face" Caitlin came to the rescue.

Here are some of the ideas for the 6 x 6 FEET show: (More to come later)