Monday, January 31, 2011

Finishing and starting

Well I'm out of Gesso'ed panels so off I went to Home Depot to get some more birch 4x2 foot 1/4 inch panels. Also got some more 1x2 boards for my stringers that I glue to the back of the panels to stop them from warping and it also gives me some where to put the eye screws so that I can attach hanger wire.

So here are some pics of the fabulous, entertaining stuff!

Here are the cut panels on my work table in the basement. I have a table saw in the garage that I use to cut the panels and stringers down to the size I need. Then I use Golden's white gesso that I thin down with water and I also add some marble dust to make the gesso more absorbent. This gives me a nice hard flat surface that will take and hold pencil, acrylic, oil paint and almost anything else I want to throw at them. I give them 3 to 4 coats with sanding in between each coat.

Gesso work table     

Above I have taken a finished panel and then using wood glue I have attached the 1x2 inch wood stringers to the back of the panel. I assemble them in a box shape leaving a gap between the top stringer and the side stringers. This allows me room to attach eye screws to the side stingers. Then I use my saved coffee plastic cans to flatten the whole thing down so everything is square and flat as the glue dries.
More later in the day as I finish up. Later!