Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking for a simple and cheap Proof Press!

OK! Here is a call out for anyone that can help me out.

This is a strange question but... I'm looking for a Morgan Co Line-O-Scribe sign printing press. Or a low cost Proofing press. Looking to spend $200 to $300.

I need one to do my woodblock prints. An etching press would be nice but they are often to big, heavy and very expensive.

A lot of grocery stores used Line-O-Scribes to print their own signage. I found one in Alabama but .... shipping will cost more than the printing press. ($200.00 for the press, set up and letters)

Any help would be appreciated. (Yes I've checked Craigs list, EBay etc..)

BTW there is one for sale on EBay but they want over $3 grand for it. Crazy, it's been for sale for over 6 months for a reason. :-)

I'm located in Rochester New York and since proof presses are rather heavy I would have to drive out and pick it up if anyone can help me find one. Shipping would cost more than the press! So NY, NJ, PA, OH would be OK if its within a days drive from here.


Here is a pic of what a Line-O-Scribe it looks like.