Saturday, March 9, 2013

For all my Geek Friends! Here is a short version of the computer build.

Here is the case with the old mother board etc. on the wood block carving table.

Here is the cover off to show whats in side. A rats nest of cables and junk.

Lay it on its side and start to take all the old stuff out.

I number my Sata cables since they have to go back into the new mother board in the same way as the old. Keeps me sane and reminds me of changing the spark plugs and wires on my Mustang.

I then use the manual for the new mother board to number the Sata connectors so I can keep track of them.

 Time to put the new AMD A10 CPU and heat sink into the new mother board.

Then I add the memory while the motherboard is not in the case and use the anti-static bag to not punch holes in my fingers from the thru hole parts with sharp bits sticking out of the bottom.

All the good stuff is in and almost ready to put in the old case.

Pop out the old back panel filler and put in the new one for the new motherboard.

After that I put the new motherboard into the case and since it is smaller than the old one I will have to move around the screw standoffs that are used to secure the motherboard into the computer case.

Here is what the case looks like with no motherboard.

I use a pencil in the holes in the motherboard so that I can then put the standoffs in the right place. Quick cheap trick.

Here is one of the standoff that have to be moved.

 Now that the motherboard is all in and screwed down. We get to attach and tuck away all those ugly cables.

Cables all connected and tucked away from fans etc., funny that this mother board uses less cables than the last one.

 Now to re-install Windows 7 and then restore from my backup disk and off we go!!