Sunday, November 13, 2011

The boy who cried Banker (Wolf)

On a roll here this week. Just finished another kinetic sculpture called "The boy who cried Banker (Wolf)".

This was fun since the mechanics went together rather fast. Thank god for all that automotive valve work that I used to do. Seems that cams need to have a large round surface to have contact with. Stops all that binding.

Here is the video and some pics. I have the next one going in my head already.

"Mary had a little Debt (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing)"

Here is the boy. I had repainted some sections and had to hang it up to dry. Seems that the nose works great!
Wolf detail showing carving and joints.
Here is the finished sculpture. 
Carved lettering in the wood.
Detail painting of sheep on both axle ends
Here is where the cam and valve solution got me over the hump of  the dowel rod binding on the cams.