Thursday, September 8, 2011 Avoid!!!

Spam/Hackers---Information Post

Beware---Do NOT Click on the Site Mentioned Below

Hey friends! Many of you have been asking about the site where you look at your stats and see where your traffic is coming from and their site happens to be first on the list. This site is hacking our blog links to get us to click on their site and become a member. I guess they think that is the best way to grow a site and to try to be a million member site, for what? I don't know, but NO THANK you...I'm NOT interested! If i want to join your site, I will by word of mouth NOT you spamming/hacking my blog to PRETEND like I'm getting views from you! You are not really getting those views because the blog links are NO WHERE on their's just some computer hacker.

SO, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS SITE and IF EVERYONE REPORTS it we can get them to STOP this NONSENSE. Because I have been getting so much SPAM/HACKING and have had to change my passwords a million times even on twitter! Change your passwords and DO NOT CLICK ON GOTHISE site!