Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back from the cottage so we could move our children. Exhausting.

Well been up to some big En plein air work while up at the cottage, got some of the bathroom done and got to do some large-scale woodworking.

First up the painting stuff.

Here is my new easel on the OUTSIDE of my studio at the cabin
6 x 4.5 feet 

Roughed in color

More work done

More detail and now its back in the home studio for finishing

Here is the start of my dining room table top. Dado and splines to hold it all together

Here is the top on the legs and I added a breadboard piece to the ends to give it a nicer finish

BTW This is the wood that I used. We had to cut down some trees to do the cabin  so I got them  turned in to planks and now I make furniture from my very own trees!