Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doing much better - Sinus issue is almost resolved

Sorry for all the down time but ..... I did not know how sick I really was. My wife thought that I had pneumonia and I just could not move from the bed/couch/bed routine.

So thanks to the modern medical science of molds, thank you Mr. Fleming, I'm getting the old energy back.

Here is the start of a painting of NYC for my daughter Ann who requested this for her blank wall. Its rather large so I will be doing it with acrylics since I really don't have time to mess with the drying time of oil on this one. Its 30 x 40 inches and I want to get this one done before Wed of next week since I have a lot of new projects in my head from lying around for two weeks with my idea book and the internet.

Here we go!

NYC for Ann - 30 x 40 inches