Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My wrestling with landscape painting.

I love landscape paintings but I’ve got this huge fear of doing badly. So to try and break this fear I started on the Birches painting.

Mary, my wife, loves the birches at the cabin at twilight. So I’m trying to capture that feeling and the colours.

The painting is rather large but I like to work big and get a kick out of covering alllll that blank wall with a large piece of art work.

So I walked in the studio yesterday morning and saw that I had gone way toooo dark with the painting. So back to the pallet where I fixed up some lighter purples and redid the background and the sky. Well this took about 5 hours to rescue this one. I think I have the background where I want it and now I have to work the birch trees to get them right.

Ah more squinting and research on line and in my art books to see how all the others have handled this issue.

Here it is so far. BTW if you click on any of my artwork pictured below they will go to a full size view and you can even save them and print them out if you wish. I will still retain any copyrights, since this will have to make me some money soon. :-)