Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Traffic Controller Box Work Part 4

Well yesterday was a little strange. It always seemed to threaten rain but it never came. So I painted till it really seemed like it was going to rain in about 30 mins and then packed up. Hard to paint with acrylic paint in the rain...

Meanwhile I get visits from strange people that assume that I'm painting outside for their entertainment. Fellow came over while I was working yesterday, he scared the crap out of me by getting right next to me while my back was turned and said loudly "I love this!" My brush almost left my hand I jumped so high.

He sat down on the grass and talked at me for over 30 mins. REALLY? He was bored and I was his new bartender, told me his entire life, wedding, divorce, kid, child support, legal issues, and other to much information stuff. Where do all these lonely people come from? (Beatles)

Others drive by and shout out comments and some beep their horns. Some just are so exited they jump out of their cars and run over to tell me how much the love the work and then run back into their cars and drive away.

Strange days....  

Well here is where we are as of yesterday.  I changed one of the Tulips to a poppy for the wife of the patron who commissioned this great work of art.