Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trains! Love the old Art Deco streamliners.

Sorry so quiet on the art front but I have been working. Here is the first state of the woodblock plate of the Lehigh Valley 462 "The John Wilkes" steam streamliner.

"The John Wilkes" - Woodblock - 22 x 9.5 inches

Just got word that my order of Gamblin Relief Inks has shiped. I have been using the water based Speedball inks and to be truthful they really suck. Depending on the temp and humidity the ink is either too watery or too stiff. Its nice to clean up with water but.... I can't wait for oil based ink.

Here is an AP that I pulled of the "The John Wilkes" steam streamliner and a lot of the fine lines have been filled in and do not show. Grrrr.

"The John Wilkes" - First Proof  -Woodblock - 22 x 9.5 inches
Just an update on the Comet. I had to stop working on this one and give it up. I just could not resolve it to where I liked it. So.... I flipped it over and used the back side to do the "The John Wilkes" train instead. RIP "Comet".