Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!!

Starting on two paintings. This will be the one I will be working on over the weekend. Wonder how much I will get done between all the fun and parties. :-)

Using a new method to get my images squared up on the canvas. Got a Pico-projector that I can connect to my computer and then do a rough of my comp. Then I will use my photo from the monitor for all the detail work.

Some may say this is a form of cheating but.... I can draw and can prove it but it takes to long to get the paint up on the canvas. So rather than doing a grid and scaling up and sketching it out via a grid... this is quicker and I can work on the painting bit which takes the longest anyways.

Ref Photo

Grace #1 Stage 1

As you can see there is not much detail but just enough for me to mix skin tone and get to work.