Monday, April 18, 2011

Part IV on Tom's F1 - Lewis Hamilton - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - 2010

Spent the weekend helping out my good friends at their fathers cottage doing major repair work. Feel like a real boy scout with all those new carpentry badges! 
OK! I think that I'm done with all the detail work on this painting. Really need to give a feeling of speed, so its time to add the water spraying off the wheels to show speed.
I will mask off the wheels and other sections of the car and then brush splatter the rain on the canvas. Should do the trick I think!
Tom's F1 Stage 7 - 30 x 48 inches - Acrylic on linen  
More pics later.
Think I'm done. Added the water sprays from the wheels and now I let it sit to see if its ready to ship.
Tom's F1 Done - 30 x 48 inches - Acrylic on linen