Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Landscape

The art opening was very interesting and fun at the The Shoe Factory Art Co-op on Friday. Lots of people but only one Red Dot (Sold) given to a small inexpensive piece. People liked Lulu but no bites. Going to have to get out of my training period here soon and get some thoughts out of the box going.

I want to do a series of landscapes of what we really do see in America. Images that we see everyday but forget that we have to find beauty were we live everyday. The idea for this series came to me as I sat in a traffic jam for 45 mins staring out my cars windscreen at the back of a rusty Ford Pickup's rear tailgate. I really had time to look at it with a cold eye. After awhile I realized that this is one of the new landscapes that everyone sees everyday. So... how can I make it interesting and beautiful. So with that in mind I started with my first in the series called "Country Store" 12 x 12 inch. Please note fellow Rochester folks that they still selling Genny Beer in upstate NY!

"Country Store" 12 x 12 inch - Acrylic on panel