Tuesday, December 28, 2010

“Hearts and Daggers: A Rochester Love Story.”

Working on two ideas for a show at "The Shoe Factory Art Co-op" with the theme of “Hearts and Daggers: A Rochester Love Story.” So being in the city with all this snow and no sun..... I think I may use a idea from Edward Hopper, but I will use snow instead of train tracks. I have a Victorian house here in Rochester on the corner of Scio and Charlotte streets that is just around the corner from my studio. Every time I see this house I think of Edward Hopper and one of his paintings titled "House by the Railroad" that he did in 1925 and was the first purchase by the new Museum of Modern Art.

"House by the Railroad"- Edward Hopper -1925

Here is my idea. I have a number of pictures of the Victorian house in question so I used Photoshop to mock it up to see if it would fly as an image. Futzed with it for a while to see which image would get the feeling that I wanted. I think that I have what I want. The old beauty and grander of Rochester that I love coupled with the snow and dark winter that I hate.

Time to transfer to a panel and get cracking!

"House by a Snowbank"