Friday, April 30, 2010

The painting is Acrylic on streached canvas and is unframed. Its 14" by 11". Subject is of Sterling Moss driving a Lotus Climax 21 at the Italian Grand Prix 1961.

Click on the photo for a larger view and then....

Stirling fought a long race only to have to retire with a bad wheel bearing and then be informed of the tragic death of fellow racer Wolfgang Von Trips.

The Italian Grand Prix in 1961 was marked by one of the most terrible accidents in the history of Formula One, when on the end of lap 2 at the approach to the Parabolica the German driver Wolfgang Von Trips lost control of his Ferrari and crashed against a stand full of spectators, killing 14 and dying himself. The race was not stopped, allegedly to assist the rescue work for the injured.

Purists will note that the Lotus that Sterling was driving in this race was really black. Sorry, but I did not find this out until the painting was done. In my defense I can't really see Sterling drive any Lotus that was not English Racing Green. :-)